The world's second largest leading trade fair at a trading centre steeped in tradition

Leading global trade fair for the health economy - exploiting the potential of the MENA and South Asia regions

This year, Arab Health will be held as the leading global trade fair from 30 January to 2 February 2023. It brings together leading manufacturers, organisations and professionals from the health industry. For players from the entire diversity of the healthcare industry around the world, "Arab Health" is an important hub for contacts and contracts - especially in the Arab region as well as in South Asia and Africa (MENASA region). The trade fair in Dubai has enjoyed significant growth for years and is the second largest in the world. In 2023, more than 3,000 exhibitors from over 70 countries and over 50,000 visitors from all over the world are expected at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.
As the health economy network for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, we make it possible for you to present your company, products and services to the international audience at the North German joint stand (booth number: Z3.G33) - together with our partners from the federal states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and Life Science Nord Management GmbH.

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Speed Care Mineral GmbH

German Speed Care Mineral GmbH develops powerful solutions for hemostasis based on its mineralogical and medical expertise. Development and production of the products takes place 100% in Germany.

SpeedM® is an emergency hemostatic dressing for the acute care of traumatic wounds. The product consists of perforated nonwoven fabric coated with ultrafine halloysites. Due to their morphological structure, halloysites have a very large reactive surface area, accelerating the body's natural clotting response. CE certification for SpeedM® is expected shortly.

booth number : Z3.F35

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HOFFRICHTER – Servona Respiratory Care

Since its acquisition by Servona GmbH in 2014, Hoffrichter GmbH is part of the Orbisana Healthcare GmbH. Hoffrichter offers high quality respiration therapy and ventilation devices. New in our portfolio is a sleep diagnostic product (PG/PSG). With our innovative device, an individual therapy recommendation based on measured biosignals is ensured.

We show a clear focus on therapy reliability, patient safety and ease of use – all hallmarks of Hoffrichter GmbH since 1992.

All Hoffrichter systems can be used with minimal instruction, quickly and easily due to their simple and self-explanatory operation procedures. The devices are also extremely versatile by offering a wide range of ventilation modes, and can be adapted to suit the patient’s needs. Whether intended for domestic or clinical use, Hoffrichter ventilation devices offer the highest quality – „Made in Germany“.

Global Network

Operating at a global level, Orbisana Healthcare GmbH cooperates with many established companies in the fields of ventilation, respiratory therapy, tracheotomy and laryngectomy as well as incontinence care. Our high-quality medical devices, particularly those from our well-known brands HOFFRICHTER, SERVOX, SERVOCURA and SERVOVENT are exported all around the world from our German headquarters in Troisdorf and Hoffrichter premises in Schwerin.

booth number: SA.D56

IMAGE Information Systems

IMAGE Information Systems develops customized and user-friendly solutions for radiological imaging. Satisfied users around the world benefit from state-of-the-art technology for PACS, RIS and teleradiology. Their home-grown iQ-SYSTEM PACS is used at more than 10,000 sites in more than 120 countries worldwide – both in small radiology practices as well as in large practice and hospital networks.

booth number: S1.K34

OR Technology

OR Technology has been successfully creating innovative and specialised X-ray solutions since 1991. OR Technology is a leading provider of digital X-ray imaging (CR, DR) and image management (PACS®). Its clients include hospitals, universities and specialised medical prac-tices as well as aid organisations, medical services and customers from the industry (NDT) and public authorities (security).

OR Technology’s know-how is based on decades of experience in developing software for digital image processing combined with specialised knowledge in the field of X-ray technolo-gy.

OR Technology is in a position to offer sophisticated and individually configurable system solutions to partners in medicine (human and vet) and industry.

OR Technology continuously invests in research and development, product design and cloud-based software tools through to automated reporting using artificial intelligence (AI).

booth number: SA.D53

PLUM Medical Solutions​​​​​​​

PLUM Medical Solutions is a subsidiary company of IMAGE Information Systems Europe GmbH, based in Rostock, Germany, and was founded in 2017.

The company has developed "iQ-4CLOUD," a cloud-based PACS solution for radiology. This central image management system of PLUM Medical Solutions can process data from X-ray, ultrasound, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, microscopy, endoscopy as well as PDF, video formats and other data. It allows viewing the diagnostic data on a smartphone, desk-top PC, tablet or laptop.

Standnummer S1.K34

represented by BioCon Valley® GmbH

daisygrip GmbH

daisygrip is the first hygienically reusable venous tourniquet and has a unique intuitive locking system. With daisygrip, every routine blood sample is taken time-efficiently and under hygienic conditions, without changing current treatment procedures.

  • Less germs: in-vitro-experiments show prevention of germ transport between patients (onsite disinfection)
  • Significant cost savings: disposable tourniquets or infections caused by conventional tourniquets cause significantly higher costs than using daisygrip
  • Reduced workload: the intuitive magnetic lock can be used quickly and reliably with one hand

GWA Hygiene

We are facing a global hygiene challenge. Every year thousands of people die as a consequence of hospital-acquired infections. Our hands are the transmission path number 1. However, only every second hand disinfection is actually done. GWA Hygiene’s IoT-solution tracks all the hand hygiene events to motivate healthcare professionals and to optimise processes in the hospital. By doing so, every existing dispenser is upgraded with a sensor module. Moreover, every caregiver gets a badge that is attached to the clothes. Hence, the infection control team of the hospital gets insightful data regarding the disinfection behavior of different job groups (e.g. physicians, nurses). Statistics display e.g. which dispensers are used more often and which are used rarely. Consequently, the system provides notifications if thresholds are exceeded. Ultimately, the hand hygiene monitoring contributes to the reduction of infection rates.

Osentec – Orthopaedic Sensor Technologies

We believe that movement is the source of satisfaction, and we are fully committed to maintaining people's mobility. We do this by thinking preventively and inventing technically sophisticated solutions. Our products integrate seamlessly into everyday life to prevent ulcers and wounds.

osentec - don't worry, keep moving

Orthopädie-Technik-Service aktiv GmbH

„get in motion, stay in motion“

People-centered technology, customized for each case, creating comfort and vitality by restoring and maintaining mobility: that is our profession and highest aim.

Orthopedic Technology – Support for people“ - Decades of experience combined with highly skilled professionals lead to excellent performance in quality, which is required for manufacturing custom-made prostheses and Orthosis.

Our range of services in the field „orthopedic Shoe Technology“ include all technological measures to maintain, support and recover function related to the foot, beginning with small individual changes on readymade shoes, up to insoles and custom-made orthopedic footwear.

RoweMed AG – Medical 4 Life

RoweMed AG – Medical 4 Life is a medium sized innovative Med-Tech company. The focus is on developing and producing complex customized medical plastic systems, especially for the handling of sensitive pharmaceuticals.

R&D: The development of systems is closely coordinated with the customer, from first sketch up to a market-ready product, including CAD construction, prototyping, first series and product tests.

Production: In the company’s certified cleanroom production (ISO Class 7) in Parchim, RoweMed offers customised flexible manufac-turing concepts, from single and small batches to automated mass production. Manufacturing technologies include all common welding and bonding technologies in the plastics industry.

Regulatory Affairs: In addition to the technical services RoweMed provides the complete documentation according to the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC and for the US market 21 CFR part 820. Likewise, RoweMed is able to carry out or accompany product approval procedures for various national markets.

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